Global Designer and Manufacturer


OSI Systems, Inc. is a global designer and manufacturer of specialized electronic systems spanning three separate industries: security, healthcare and optoelectronics. As a public company, OSI’s business had become more complex and its needs had changed based on its international growth. The company sought an insurance broker that could not only provide solutions for its complex insurance needs, but serve as a risk management partner.

Enhanced Coverage

Serving diverse markets such as homeland security, healthcare, defense, and aerospace, OSI’s risk and insurance needs are complex. As a result, the company seeks coverage for property and casualty, directors and officers policies, workers’ compensation, and even international benefits. Lockton has been able to fulfill those needs, helping to enhance OSI’s business.

“The way Lockton has contributed to making OSI Systems’ business better is by supporting and enhancing the company’s risk management function, allowing us to improve our business,” said Alan Edrick, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. 

Worldwide Reach

Lockton supports OSI globally, providing P&C support in the UK, Asia, and Latin America. The Lockton Global Benefits team manages benefits for OSI’s three operating divisions spanning security, healthcare, and optoelectronics. Lockton’s in-depth understanding of the inner working of each industry on a global scale has played a key part in providing the right resources for OSI.

“Lockton’s global resources are strong and crucial for us,” said Edrick. “The fact that Lockton has affiliations and relationships in the appropriate places around the world is absolutely critical.”

“Because of the trust that we have in the Lockton team, it gives me great peace of mind that we have the right programs in place.”

-Alan Edrick, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer.

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